The Surb

A fruity sweetened icy dessert

Tiger Blood

Similar to the snow cone treat you enjoyed as a child; with a blend of watermelon, strawberry, and coconut


A tart cherry and sweet vanilla mix that you'll kill for


A ripe Blueberry and sweet vanilla mix that you'll love

Black Plague

 A creamy custard dessert topped off with a blackberry filling

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Blueberry Treat

A ripe, fruity blueberry filled candy


The childhood favorite sweet fruity candy

Cotton Clouds

That pink and blue fluffy favorite

Sub Zero

Want to clear your sinuses? This wintergreen flavor will let you breath easy again

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Wonka Berry

A deliciously tart blend of berry reminiscent of a candy factory from that one movie

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A sweet and creamy strawberry milkshake


That familiar tart summer sweetness

Perfect Strawberry Milk

A sweet strawberry syrup swirled into creamy milk